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We are launching a game-changing revolution for millions of people to create extraordinary lives for themselves and we'd be delighted to welcome you as a founding pioneer on the adventure. 

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1. Complete and update your Wheel of Life, to figure out where you are in your life today and the areas you’d like to improve: your health and wellbeing, home and environment, relationships and family, community and leisure, work and purpose, security and finances.

2. Be guided towards setting out what success will look like for you, in a year from now and what Life Skills and Qualities you’ll need to succeed in achieving your goals.

3. Create a Wisdom Council of people who can help and guide you on your way and keep you focused.

4. Click on the “refer” button in the app and invite your friends, family and colleagues to register for free and share in the journey to shine brighter.

Coming Soon

Between now and early 2019 – our full product launch – more tools and resources will be added each month to get thousands of adventurers like you ready for lift off.

Whilst you are busy figuring out where you want to go and what success will look like, QDOOZ will be curating all the content we think you’ll ever need to get ahead and shine brighter; whatever that means to you.

Actionable Content will be curated for you, having already been tested and peer-reviewed; it will only rise to the top of your feed when people actually get results with it. When you want to work on or improve a specific Life Skill or Quality, we’ll show you which content to review and which experts to follow.

Now is the time to take advantage and to become the very best version of yourself.

Now is the time for you to shine brighter in the world.





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A Lack Of Life Skills Is Threatening The Future Of Millennial Generations

1. By 2020, 50% of the UK workforce will be Millennials.

2. Fuelled by technology, change is coming at a rate that exceeds our ability to adapt.

3. 15m jobs in the UK that exist today will not exist in 10 years’ time.

4. AI (Artificial Intelligence), technology and automation threaten employability.

5. 40% of the jobs that will exist in 10 years’ time have not yet been invented.

QDOOZ World Of Opportunity

A World Of Opportunity Awaits Current And Future Generations Willing To Determine Their Own Future

1. Life skills can boost lifetime earnings by 14.2%.

2. Life skills are linked to higher exam grades.

3. 92% of executives in the UK rate life skills development as a critical priority when screening candidates.

4. 79% of teachers say life skills will be key to helping students in an increasingly unpredictable economy and changing world.



Join A Revolution Where Attitude Will Determine The Future Altitude Of The UK Population

Our mission is to help solve the Life Skills crisis facing the UK workforce, and encourage people to take greater control of their destiny. QDOOZ is a cause for those who want to connect and collaborate with a community of people who care about becoming the best version of themselves through self-management, self-motivation and self-mastery. At launch, our platform will reach over 1.5m students across the UK, closely followed by an outreach programme destined to reach a further 4.2m members of professional membership organisations nationwide. QDOOZ will also be available to brands and recruiters as a bolt-on that adds further value to their customer and candidate relationships.

  Disclaimer:  Brand placements in our images and demo videos are for illustrative purposes only.  They are not intended to represent that any formal agreement has been reached for these brands to partner with QDOOZ at this stage.

QDOOZ has the capacity to make a difference to the lives of millions of people from all walks of life, as well as the organisations and businesses that seek to serve and attract them.

For Members

We offer a gateway to discovery for individuals who desire better outcomes across every area of life that contributes to their wellbeing and fulfilment, both now and as an investment in their future.

For Content Partners

QDOOZ is a platform for reaching and generating new visitors, followers, subscribers and consumers from an expensive and notoriously difficult audience to attract, with the opportunity to transform content archives into tangible, practical and impactful value-added answers that meet immediate needs and demand.

For Society

We are building a community that will lead to a happier and healthier population with greater employability and prospects, increased productivity and improved relationships.


Become An Approved Content Partner Today

You have a story and a message to share. Now, be heard.

Share your wisdom with millions of people with one thing in common: the desire to get ahead in life.

Your audience is leaning forwards: your future friends, members, customers, clients and followers.

They have the get ahead mindset. They are all ready to listen and eager to learn.

Amplify your personal and professional brand, whilst potentially earning an income that rewards your contribution via engaging and actionable content: videos, infographics, blogs and articles that will help our community to shine brighter.

Step up today and contact us below to see if you could become a content partner.

Approved content partners will:

1. Reach an audience of millions of people with a positive mindset to get ahead in life.

2. Transform content into tangible, practical and impactful answers that meet the immediate needs and demands of our members.

3. Acquire and engage new visitors, followers, consumers and talent to enhance corporate, professional and personal brands.

4. Benefit from discounted rates on sponsorship, advertising and events, accessible only to Preferred QDOOZ Content Partners.

5. Network with other partners in the QDOOZ community, both online and at exclusive events and awards throughout the year.

6. As a Preferred QDOOZ Content Partner, be invited to speak and/or run workshops at our exclusive events.

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There are multiple ways to get involved in the QDOOZ programme. Here are just some of the benefits that we offer to our various partners, all of whom have their unique role to play:

Coaches and Mentors

Boost personal brand, increase social media presence, expand influence and win clients.

Nominate Guest Interviewees

QDOOZ will curate video interviews with inspiring and authentic guests. QDOOZ will provide users with the ability to “nominate” the guests as well as vote on the questions that the guests answer.

Advertisers and Sponsors

The QDOOZ business model is funded by advertising and sponsorship revenues. Select partners – and each and every advert – are approved on the basis that their presence contributes positively to the user experience and their product offerings are in harmony with the QDOOZ community values.


Enhance brand with candidates, employers and employees and win new business.

Brands and Membership Organisations

QDOOZ is partnering with a small number of large non-competing consumer brands and membership organisations that would like to offer QDOOZ to their employees, members and customers.



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