We're seeking risk-takers, pioneers, mentors, coaches, visionaries, thought-leaders, influencers and innovators to become part of the QDOOZ community.

Join us now in this revolutionary new way to Get Ahead and Shine Brighter, where everyone wins!

QDOOZ is the Legacy Project of David C. M. Carter, often referred to as “The World’s leading CEO Mentor.” His vision is to take what he’s given to the world’s highest achievers and broaden the world of coaching and mentoring, so that anyone, at any time on any device, with the right mindset, can get ahead in life and master their own destiny, by becoming the very best version of themselves.

The vision depends on people like you…risk-takers, pioneers, mentors, coaches, visionaries, thought-leaders, influencers and innovators, to become a part of the QDOOZ community as Approved Content Partners.

QDOOZ is a fantastic opportunity to share your own unique expertise and experience with others; reaching an audience of millions as you position your brand, knowledge, wisdom and content in front of our users, in a highly curated environment, who already want what you have, and are willing to learn from what you have to say.

Does that sound like something that would propel you forwards, whilst serving others and supporting our global mission?

Then join QDOOZ as a Preferred Content Partner and experience the benefits of:

  • Our unique match-making system, an algorithm called LEAP (Learn Engage Act Progress) matching your content to those who want exactly what you have

  • The right people with the right mindset in front of your work, engaging with it, learning from it, applying it and then ranking it

  • Creating a much larger pool of potential clients for you

  • Standing out as the global expert for your skillset

  • Feedback from the Content Team, on the performance of your content through data analytics to help you refine your content and improve visibility and engagement

  • Network with other contributors and partners within the community

  • Be invited to speak and/or lead workshops at exclusive events

  • A highly curated system for success inside the only community in the world where everything needed to get ahead in life is curated all in one place.

If your content is approved and we feature you as an Approved Content Partner you will be in on the ground floor of the largest community of high achievers with an entirely new model of success; a win for our users, a win for you and a win for us, which brings endless possibilities to you as an expert.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be featured?

If so, share a bit about yourself with us in the form below and tell us what value you’ll bring to the Life Skills revolution. 

Alternatively, you can book an appointment to discuss your credentials with a member of our team by clicking here.

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